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What a weekend to honor a baseball legend in his own home of the Yogi Berra Museum. I was honored to be invited to attend and did my best to do him proud.

12096444_902837283132020_5833802167545499048_nI was in the reading room with kids – and not just reading. I took a home plate and a bunch of dirty catchers equipment for people to touch and feel right in front of the great Yogi mural in the museum. It was amazing to see everyone (especially the kids) get excited about the gear. It was also lovely to see one of Yogi’s friend from his childhood (90 years-young) put on the gear for a picture also!

A story was told about how he use to walk the museum and look at a photo exhibit until someone would walk over. Then he would turn around and the people use to jump! He loved doing that, they said. He loved being there.

It was an overwhelming experience. While it was somewhat hard at times –  remembering what a great family man and friend he was so many – I was honored to be a part of this memorial service. I felt the need to help share what a great person and influential player he was in baseball. Yogi – you will be missed.









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  • Mares Hirchert

    So glad you enjoyed your time at the Yogi Berra Museum with the kids and with Yogi’s Berra’s friend from childhood who donned the equipment you brought-great idea to bring that and Home Plate!

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