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What is the best baseball or Little League advice that you received as a player, coach or LL parent?

Here are some of my favorites from across the internet. Add yours in the comments below!


“Practice hard because you play the way you practice.” – Thomas A.


“They say never swing at the first pitch, but the 1st pitch is the perfect time to swing. Nobody is expecting you to, so a) the pitcher throws a piece of crap to throw your speed off and burn you the next time and b) fielders aren’t ready. Probably had more 1st pitch hits than any other.” – Joe D.


“You never lose. You either win or learn.” – Anonymous


“Pitchers remember, you have the element of surprise on your side – use it!” – Michael L.


“Clean your cleats and don’t let other people use your glove.” – Dani C. (6 years old)


“The only play that matters is the next one.” – Dan S.


“Never walk onto a baseball field. Enter running and leave cheering.” – Mala I.


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