Being a volunteer coach to kids is about more than just teaching them the basics of the sport. I’ve talked before about how when you’re coaching kids sports you are also teaching them about the importance of teamwork while improving their self esteem. However, bullying can sometimes get in the way of all the fun.

bullyingI really work hard to keep an eye on bullying in my team. I don’t tolerate it. Not only is it mean-spirited, but it disrupts the kids from what they came to practice and the games to do – have fun!

If you’re a volunteer coach and you’re having trouble figuring out what to do to enforce a bully-free atmosphere with your players, we have 3 top things to remember to prevent bullying we found on Outside the Lines.

  1. Establish a zero-tolerance policy
  2. Recognize that you have the right to step in
  3. Understand that your actions impact your players

Read more about how you can help keep bullying far away from your kids and other volunteer coaches. Work together as a team to keep the sport fun and enthusiastic for everyone!