What makes a great movie? Is it the actors? The directors? The script? Or a healthy combination of it all?

Personally, I’m a subject matter kind of guy, and you know how much I love baseball. So, here you have my top 5 favorite baseball films of all time, in no particular order. I’d love to hear what you’d add to the list!

The Pride of the Yankee’s:

What a classic film about one of the most beloved baseball players of all time. The film is about the legendary Lou Gehrig and his life. Everything from how he started playing to his eventual fight with the disease that would soon be named after him. Gary Cooper does a fabulous job showing the humble side of Lou Gehrig. I will say that when he was on the field, he left a little something to be desired, but when you are trying to act as such a great athlete, it can be hard to step up to the plate (excuse the pun.) All in all, a beautiful movie about an exceptional man that you shouldn’t miss.

Field of Dreams:

“Build it and he will come.” Field of Dreams has been making men cry for decades. A beautiful movie with a dedicated cast; if you haven’t seen this film, then you should make it a point watch it soon! Ray (Kevin Costner) is told in a vision “If you build it, he will come.” Eventually, he understands what this means, and hopefully, soon, you will too! From a director’s point of view, they could’ve connected a little more with the town, but Costner’s performance is so strong that it is unnoticed. Love it or hate it, it’s definitely easy to get lost in this incredible film.


An excellent story about a kid just trying to fit in, Sandlot tells the heart-warming tale of Scott when he moves into a new neighborhood. He doesn’t have any friends, but discovers where the local boys hang out; it’s at an old baseball diamond where the kids have a team. But of course Scott doesn’t know how to play! So he turns to dear old dad to learn about baseball. A fun film for the family, it’s like “A Christmas Story” for the summertime!

Bad News Bears:

The traditional story about a group of underdogs who ban together and succeed as a team. This is one of those classic films that everyone knows, even if you’ve never seen it before. All of the classic movie tropes are here, from Matthau finally shaving to the team getting their first uniforms. These are all fantastic scenes that we love to see. But there is something else about the movie. Even 40 years ago, we can see that winning seems more important to the adults than the kids that play the game. Just remember, the first reason to play a sport is to have fun!

A League of Their Own:

A League of Their Own is about the foundation of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League. It started as a result of World War II calling so many male players to the armed services. They were worried that the MLB would be out of commission, so they started scouting for female players to create a stronger image for women in America. With an ensemble cast, every actor and actress really helps build up and compliment each other. From Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell standing together to the sisterly love of Geena Davis and Lori Petty, each member of the team carries their weight and helps bring everyone else with them. Definitely add this fun film to your watch list ASAP.