Healthy Team Snacks for Moms Who Aren’t Martha

Have you ever asked your kid how practice went, expecting to hear about fielding drills and batting practice, only to get an excited review of that day’s snacks instead? For little ones, snacks are a big deal. This can mean feeling a lot of pressure when your name...

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Tee Ball Bat Buyer’s Guide

Your child’s first tee ball practice is the first step towards a lifelong love of baseball. Although tee ball doesn’t require much gear as little league will later down the line, you do need to make sure that the equipment your child uses is comfortable, appropriate...

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What Focusing on Action Means

What is the purpose of youth sports? This may seem like an easy question to answer, but wrapped up inside of it, there are a whole host of misconceptions and ideas that must be unraveled to get to an answer. Is the purpose of youth sports to encourage physical activity? There’s a strong correlation to involvement in sports and lifelong exercise habits that promote a healthy lifestyle. There is no doubt that finding enjoyable sports and activities increase the probability that children will grow into healthy adults.

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Baseball Fan Etiquette: How Not to Ruin a Baseball Game

Baseball Fan Etiquette... Let's talk. A day at the ballpark is like heaven on earth. From the beautiful weather to the open stadium, hotdogs, cold beverages, and a spirited crowd; even if baseball isn’t your sport of choice, it’s an experience everyone can enjoy. When...

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