Children Books Baseball | The Hometown All Stars Book Series, are you looking for good books to read with your young children? The book series, The Hometown All Stars inspires 4-7 year olds to read, have fun and learn about baseball.

Children Books Baseball | The Hometown All Stars Book Series

The Hometown All Stars Books series is the creation of Kevin Christofora, a father, writer, and little league coach. The Hometown All Stars series follows the main character Nick and his baseball time through their adventures on and off the field. Christofora seeks to teach children about baseball and the habits of a healthy lifestyle in the form of a fun and educational bedtime story.

Nick is the main character and the leader of the team. The series of books follows him through an entire season. The Hometown All Stars are a bunch of lovable, memorable characters that kids can identify with. They are both boys and girls, have diverse backgrounds and all have unique personalities.

About Kevin Christoforo

Kevin himself got hooked early, guided by his father, Vince. “My dad threw pop flies off the back porch to me until his arm was tired,” he recalled. In was in his backyard that he grew up playing with his father and friends. In those days baseball was played in backyards and sandlots.

When Kevin got married and had children he wanted them to have the same great baseball experiences that he had. All of Kevin’s three children play organized baseball.

The Christofora clan’s immersion in baseball is multigenerational. As it happens, the family tree includes a major leaguer, Kingston native Richard F. (Dick) Johnston (1863-1934), an outfielder who played for the Boston, New York, and Cincinnati teams from 1884 to 1891, compiling a career batting average of .251 with 33 home runs. Johnston, whose distinctive ivory bat now resides with a relative in Detroit, where he died, is the great-great-grandfather of Christofora’s mother, the former Arlene Zeeh.

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