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By bringing an author to your institution, you will make a powerful connection between your students and the written word—and help bring books to life for them. Not only do author and illustrator visits offer a fun break from the classroom routine, they also introduce students to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity.

Check out Coach Kevin in action in a one-minute video below and see an explanation of how his class visits work.

Who is on deck for a Coach Kevin Visit?

Schedule Coach Kevin, author of The Hometown All Stars children’s book series, to come to your classroom to talk to your class. Coach Kevin offers three different packages.

Package Options:

Local Visit

(Within 30 miles of wherever Coach Kevin is)

You will receive:
  • A package containing multiple coloring book pages.
  • A set of The Hometown All Star books and prep items to make the visit more entertaining.
  • Teachers and librarians should read Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball with your students. Prepare the students to do warm-ups ups as shown in the book with jumping jacks and stretching in the middle of your story time. Get those kids moving!
Classroom Visit:
  • When Coach Kevin arrives, your class will get a solid 40 minutes of engaging coach activity. (An hour is provided if the kids want more.)
  • Your early preparation will help all the kids show off their skills and answer the questions in the book.
  • Coach will hand out cards for all the correct answers, just like the books.
  • Coach brings the latest, unseen, book in development for a special sneak preview and breaks out a bag of real catcher’s gear to pass around and let all the kids try it on.
  • Coach also ties shoes, as needed, in a special one-time coach fashion.
  • Coach is always ready to run out of the classroom and onto the play areas, down the halls, and back to the class.
  • Visit will end in The Hometown All Stars’ style with fruit pops (optional, based on teacher approval and coordination).


Half-Day Visit

What you’ll receive:
  • The same local visit package will be shipped with enough supplies for 3 classes.**
Suggestions for setup?
  • Coach suggests two options for this visit:
    • Set up in a library or group space, and have each class come in back to back to back.
    • Coach can travel to each class separately if common spaces are not available.
The Drill:
  • Coach will perform the same activities as in his single visit for all three classes. Of course, the students’ questions determine the path we take. That is half the fun.


Extra Bases

Write a book with Coach Kevin
(reserved for 2nd and 3rd grade classes only)

First Visit—First Hour:
  • Coach Kevin arrives as Coach.
  • The first hour will be exactly the same as the local visit. It’s a great entry point to opening up the role of an author and their job. After discussing careers, the conversation will spin into what do you want to be when you grow up….ultimately leading into that conversation that you can be an author, too—much to their surprise. Together we all decide, yes, we want to write a book now!
  • With teacher’s approval for more time, the kids are feeling excited that they are doing something unplanned and surprisingly “unschool” work.
First Visit—Second Hour:
  • The kids utilize their excitement to write their own book, and Coach facilitates the ideas.
  • Then, individually, he helps create the story with each child bridging the story to the next. Who knows where they will take it.
  • Coach hands out an individual “Secret Manuscript Briefcase” to each child.
  • The kids then write and draw “their page” over the following weeks with the teacher. They work on editing, reading out loud, grammar, and neatness. Every revision will be kept in their secret manuscript briefcase.
Second Visit:
  • Returning on the second visit, Coach Kevin is dressed as an author and introduces them to all the tools in his briefcase.
  • We go through the briefcase to discover what is in an author’s toolbox.
  • He shows the kids a potential cover for their book, illustrated by a famous artist for their approval or directional changes.
  • He collects the manuscripts and goes home to “build their book.”
  • Collaborating with the famous artist, he assembles and publishes the children’s book with every child’s name listed as author, documented forever.
Third Visit:
  • Coach returns with books in hand, and has a professional meeting with the kids.
  • He reads them a letter acknowledging that they are peers and now friends for life, as authors.
  • He advises them that even if you own a gold mine, you still have to work to get rich.
  • Each kid can sell their own book and make their own money, if they have the desire. The door is open for all of them.
  • He concludes the visit with the unveiling of the completed books for each child, teacher in class and the school library.
  • We all autograph a few books for prosperity and have doughnuts.

The costs include many hours of assembly into formatting the final book and publishing time along with the cost of the books. These are all included in the package price.



*  Contact us to see if Coach is scheduled to be in your neighborhood.
**Recommendation: the number of kids is flexible; however, too many kids could create voids in the program and kids wait too long.

  • Pictures and videos with Coach Kevin are allowed.
  • Coach Kevin would also love a group photo with class.
  • We have handled upward of 50 to date.
  • Schools local to Woodstock, NY are free up to 100 kids.

Steps for booking a classroom visit:

  1. Review options above for a visit.
  2. Send Coach Kevin the desired dates on the form below.
  3. Wait for confirmation via email.
  4. A fun pre-visit package for 20 +- kids will be shipped to you with coloring books and a set of books to read to your class before Coach visits. That will help build excitement and prepare the kids for the questions and some of the fun that is ahead of them.

After confirmation, teachers should:

  1. Prepare your class by reading The Hometown All Stars book series.
  2. Have your class do the coloring activities.
  3. Teachers will be provided a suggested “parents presale form” to send home with the kids. Parents may pre-order books at reduced costs that will also the children to ask for an autograph on their copy when Coach Kevin visits. If a family cannot provide a book for their child, Coach Kevin will provide a book for them.


Pre-purchase a minimum of 15 books direct from our Distributor at Midpoint Trade or anywhere books are sold (Ingram, B&T, Brodart, Mackin, and more). Use the pre-purchased books to presell to parents to have the students “get an autograph” when Coach Kevin visits. Coach Kevin will donate five books to your PTA valued at $65.00 or more for fundraising.

After Visit:

Please post a review. (social logos? or where we would like that review?)

Do you have other ideas?

Is there a theme that we can add to our visit to help reinforce your school mission (i.e., sports, job occupations, “how to,” Summer reading topics)?


Helpful Links:

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[Link] Children’s Shooting Star Awards
{link] Download free coloring book
[Link} Download free I CAN posters
[Link} Download Author Visit Posters
(includes paper cutter baseball cards)



Let’s Do This!

Whether you’d like to book a visit now or just have questions, reach out to Coach Kevin in the form below.

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