If you’re a T-ball coach or team parent, you know everything that goes into the practices, behind the scenes of all the games. Getting there on time, remembering all the equipment, getting a group of kids to settle down and list, remembering formations, logging base hits, making sure everyone has equal amounts of healthy snacks- the list is endless.

Which is why I say, celebrate the small things. If you got to practice and remembered all the equipment without having to run back to the house or car – high five! Did your kid get through an entire practice without picking grass in the outfield? Take a deep breath – you’re doing ok. On or off the field it is no small task getting kids organized.

Take our formation in the picture above. This is week 5 of practice and while it looks like a piece of cake in the pic, you know the truth! But – we have everyone ready to play ball! There’s no doubt that this is T-ball at its best!