When it comes to packing snacks for your children’s tee-ball or little league game, it’s all about making it healthy and fun too!

Check out these fun snack ideas to take to the field the next time it’s your turn to pack the snacks.


confetti-yogurt-popsConfetti Yogurt Pops: Cool to make, cool to eat and it cools down the kids! This snack is a combination of pretzel sticks yogurt and fresh berries that creates the confetti fun.






Apapple-cookies-featured1ple Cookies: Every kid loves a cookie, but these “cookies” are perfect for a snack after the big game. What’s better than a thin apple slice with peanut butter and chocolate chips and nuts?




fish in boatFish in the River: Kids love goldfish! Here’s a great way to get those fish swimming for snack time. Use celery sticks and cream cheese instead of peanut butter. Top the river with the infamous goldfish!




jellosquaresGatorade Jello Square: There’s always room for Jello and this snack recipe is full of electrolytes for a perfect game day snack! It’s so easy to make that your kids can help you make it in the kitchen.




Carrot_PatchesCarrot Patches: Talk about a cool idea! Carrots with curly parsley on top dipped in hummus in a terra cotta pot. Definitely a unique idea.




For more unique and healthy snack ideas, check out our Healthy Sports Snacks Pinterest board.