Have your baseball players moved on from tee-ball? Next up…the middle division for 7-8 year-olds, which is also known as the minors. So…what should you expect in this new division of baseball for your kids.

Like any league/division, the same registration fees apply – usually about $15 higher than the tee-ball fees since pants and sometimes socks are part of the uniform/registration fee. Most times, a new glove size is required to play as a tee-ball sized glove should not be used any more.

10272626Also in this new division, it’s all about the cleats – what I like to call the “peer pressure item.” It’s not so much about playing serious baseball, but about the image. The important thing for parents to know – find what fits your budget and fits your child’s feet properly. The design and “coolness” of the cleat shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Price-wise, think between $35 – $75.

Something important to remember (that every parent knows) is that kids grow quickly. That being said, you may not have to buy a new item every time your child grows a big. My league – Mountain Valley Little League – has an opening day BBQ and we put out a swap booth. We start it with lost and found and anyone that brings an item can take an item. If you have nothing to swap and just want an item it’s $5 for anything. We have everything from one year used cleats that are like new that a child grew out of, extra pants so you don’t have to do extra loads of laundry that week for the next game or practice, older bats and used balls to practice with at home and extra uniform shirts.

This is just about the best thing we do every opening day of the season. Parents get excited to donate to a good cause and others can’t wait to “gear up” for the season for only $5 per item. The best part – all the money goes back to their kids program. Talk about a win-win!