I remember when my kids joined Little League and being a little shocked at the prices of everything needed. From the registration fees to the shoes on their feet, prices have increased across the board.

If your little one is excited about baseball and ready to get started, let’s talk about what you should expect and a realistic budget for first time tee-ball parents. Know what to expect!

Let’s Talk Tee-Ball

Registration Fees…it is what it is. No matter the division, there will always be a registration fee. For tee-ball, it ranges from $50 to $100 depending on where you live. The good news is not only that tee-ball is the cheapest division, but this registration fee usually includes your child’s shirt and hat.

Baseball Equipment

tball gloveWhen we talk tee-ball, cleats are not required. The only baseball accessory you will need to purchase is a glove at approximately $25. It’s definitely a fun task for parents to help kids pick out their glove, but also be sure to check with your tee-ball league as many of them have lost and found gloves (just ask the coach if they have any extras laying around as many upper classmen donate their old equipment down to help the lower divisions grow.

Baseball Uniform

Your child’s uniform consists of a shirt and hat (provided in your registration fee) as well as:

  • Baseball pants: $10 and up
  • Socks: $5 and up
  • Belt (option, but important for many): $8 and up

Did You Know

Many (or almost all) leagues have a “no child will be left behind” rule where families may ask for a scholarship for registration fees. As Coach Kevin, I love this rule since it helps all kids play baseball…if the parents just ask how.


Stay tuned as we will have additional blog posts about what you can expect when your child grows in baseball to Little League divisions.