A few months ago, I wrote an article for the website SavvyAuntie.com about the 7 different life lessons kids can learn through the game of baseball.

Whether you are a long-distance aunt, the primary guardian of a niece or a nephew, or any other situation in between, you can look back and remember when you were a child and the games you enjoyed playing then. Those games, whether they were learned on the playground or at a gym or a physical education class, helped you build a foundation of skills, and you probably weren’t even aware of it! In essence, sports help teach children how to grow into adults, and none so much as the great sport of baseball.

Children today often know far more about Angry Birds and Candy Crush than they do about real sports. That’s a shame, since knowing and playing America’s national pastime can provide a great foundation on which a child can grow into a well-rounded and honorable adult. Here are just seven examples of the many skills children can gain through baseball.

Read the 7 life lessons children can learn through baseball.