Meet the Hometown All Stars


They’re a bunch of lovable, memorable characters that kids can identify with. They are boys and girls with diverse backgrounds and unique personalities. The newest All Star is Amira. You can read about her in the newest book called Amira Can Catch!


Nick is the leader of the All Stars. He doesn’t just like baseball… he loves it! As captain of the team, he calls most of the shots unless his older sister Carla doesn’t agree. Nick always seems to be competing with Carla about everything. He’s the joker of the team, making amusing noises, doing fake throws, and playing practical jokes on his teammate.


Amira, the new kid in school lands in a new hometown after leaving her home country of Syria more than a year ago. She is shy and a looks a little scared as the teacher introduces her to class. Amira is rapidly welcomed by Nick and the rest of the All Star team.


Lucy is Asian-American and is very close to her family, particularly her grandparents. Lucy is a dreamer. She’s often picking flowers or staring at the clouds during games or at practice. She often looks lost in her preferred positing in right field. Her teammates are always rooting for her to catch a pop-up fly. Lucy likes to run next to the ball as it rolls by. Because Lucy is quite petite, it’s sometimes hard to find a bat that isn’t too heavy for her.


Carla is Nick’s older sister, and the two of them are very competitive. Carla plays behind Nick as shortstop. She is a true tomboy. Carla’s position is left field, and she bats left, too. She’s a really good player and runs down every ball. Her fellow players tease her about her yellow garden boots, but Carla always tells them that they give her traction.


Flo lives next door to Nick and Carla and is Nick’s best friend. She’s the team’s best all-around player. Tall and slim, Flo is the fastest runner on the All Stars. She catches everything, dives and throws very well, too. In fact, Flo throws so hard that no one wants to catch the ball. Her teammates look forward to Flo’s special dance as she triumphantly punches the air. Years earlier, her father was a part of a World Series team.


Kareem is African-American and one of the team’s fastest runners His preferred positions are short stop, second base, and pitcher. Kareem is well-known for talking tough, but never backs this up. He often backs away from the ball when the pitch comes to the plate and is always making excuses to avoid getting dirty. He is very preoccupied with his appearance, so teammates tease him and call him “pretty boy.”


Carlos is Hispanic-American and speaks five languages fluently. Short and stocky, Carlos is the team’s catcher. With his larger glove, he’s the only team member who can catch Flo’s throws. Carlos also holds Flo’s gum when she’s hitting the ball. Carlos is the “cuddly bear” of the team. He’s very fond of telling his teammates exaggerated stories about his baseball exploits, although they usually don’t believe him.


Juan is the second Hispanic-American member of the team. Tall and slim, he plays first base. Juan catches every ball thrown or hit to him. His teammates, nicknamed him “Hoover,” because he seems like a vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, Juan can’t throw very well. Juan volunteers at the animal shelter. He has a pet lizard named Hugo that is an unofficial team mascot.


Lacy and her twin brother, Larry, recently moved from the south and have a very distinctive southern accent. They often complete each other’s sentences and tend to frequently bicker during games. Lacy is smart and excels in science. She’s usually competing with Larry to give the best answer to Coach Kevin’s questions; however, Lacy also constantly teases Larry about being a nerd.


Larry is the team’s smart geek. He plays outfield and really knows how to bunt the ball. Larry excels in school and is known to his teammates as “Larry the Blackberry.” He’s always using math to solve problems, including during games. Larry carefully calculates all of the plays. Larry and his twin sister, Lacy, recently relocated from the south.

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