New York Baseball Teams | New York Yankees Fun Facts, the other day our baseball team, The Hometown All Stars in Woodstock New York were discussing New York Yankee baseball fun facts with our coach, Kevin. We thought we would share with you some of the fun facts that came up.

New York Baseball Teams | New York Yankees Fun Facts

Coach Kevin began by asking us if we knew that the New York Yankees were the first team in MLB history to hit 3 Grand Slams by one team in the same game. Most of us knew that, and that it took place in 2011. Our team agreed that that was an incredible feat.

Coach Kevin then asked our team who the Yankees beat in the 1956 World Series. We laughed and asked him how we were supposed to know the answer to that question when none of us were even born then. He shared with us that it was the Brooklyn Dodgers. Then he asked us if we knew who had scored the most runs in a season for the Yankees during the 20th century. Most of us didn’t know the answer, but Nick jumped right in with the correct answer, Babe Ruth. Coach then added that Babe Ruth hit 714 homeruns in his career. Coach Kevin is kind of like an encyclopedia of baseball trivia.

When Coach Kevin asked the team which Yankee player has had more than 200 hits in 1998, 1999, and 2000 we ALL knew the answer to that, that was easy Derek Jeter. We told Coach that that was a silly question, EVERYONE knows that it was Derek Jeter. Which led to a discussion on who the best baseball player is of all time. After debating back and forth for 15 minutes Coach Kevin said that it was time for us to stop talking about baseball and start playing.

So we grabbed our gloves, hats, and bats and headed out to the field to play.

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