Amira Can Catch




The Hometown All Stars have yet another book coming your way – Amira Can Catch! Amira is a little girl who moves to America from a Syrian refugee camp. Her parents struggled for her to get such an amazing opportunity, and when she meets up with The Hometown All Stars, Coach Kevin learns that she fits in just fine with all the other silly characters.

Besides learning how to work with a new group of kids and integrate herself into the American game of baseball, she also teaches her new teammates what life was like as a refugee. She shares with them the heartbreak of being forced from her home and shuttled to refugee camps, and how her family was forced to start all over again.

The Hometown All Stars series is all about how America is a melting pot, and, despite all of our different places of origin, when we come together in this great country, we become an American. That has incredible meaning. The Hometown All Stars celebrate diversity and believe strongly in female empowerment, especially on display in the story about Amira.

This interactive series allows kids of all ages to not just learn about our great nation and to also learn athletic skills and be healthy. Lessons taught include team-building, motivation, sportsmanship, to respect each other, honor the game, and how to learn from losing and stay humble when winning.

Available in 13 languages, including Braille, The Hometown All-Stars series, which NOW includes Amira Can Catch!, is the perfect way to teach young people about the values that make America great again, along with providing an entertaining way to learn the sport of baseball and builds values, such as teamwork and camaraderie.

Don’t wait to get started with The Hometown All Stars! Ordering is easy!  Also… want to see the books in real live action? See how Coach Kevin teaches Amira how to catch in real life. Check out The Hometown All Stars on YouTube. All of Coach Kevin’s lessons are shown in real life with 2-minute videos.


By Kevin Christofora
Clarens Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-986-3493-3-1
Ordering info:  IngramBaker & TaylorSTL


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