[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By Krystle Carmona

Summer is upon us and you know what that means, longer days, warmer weather, barbeques, and…baseball! It’s also that time of year when allergens are at an all-time high, which can make games and practices a bit of a challenge for your little leaguers. Sure eliminating outdoor sports and activities would seem like the easy fix, but did you know that sports can actually help relieve asthma and allergy symptoms by increasing your child’s tolerance to allergens and improving lung function? It’s true. And besides, who wants to lose to some silly allergens anyway! So we’ve put together some tips that will help your child come out the victor during baseball season.

Tip #1. Start allergy medication early. For maximum effectiveness, most allergy medications need to be taken regularly for a period of time before they kick in. Over-the-counter medicines will typically work fine; however, in severe cases a prescription may be necessary. Consult an allergist if your child’s symptoms worsen.

Tip #2. Take a shower immediately. Your child may want to crash after a long game or practice, but showering as soon as possible is key to overcoming allergies. By doing so, you can prevent any dirt, dust or pollen that may be lingering in your child’s hair or clothes from getting into the house, or worse, onto their bedding.

Tip #3. Maintain an allergy friendly environment at home. Dust, dust, dust! Vacuum regularly, and wash your child’s linens weekly. Also, wash uniforms and equipment immediately after use. Leave cleats and practice sneakers outside to prevent allergens from making their way into your home as well.

Tip #4. Keep hands clean. Almost sounds impossible huh? Try keeping a few wet wipes around and remind your child to wash their hands, face and neck often. If your child develops itchy eyes, quickly throw a cold compress on the bothersome area for immediate relief and comfort.

Tip #5. Communication is key. Last, but certainly not least, make it a priority to talk to your child’s coach about his or her allergies, and discuss the proper measures to take in the event of an emergency. In most cases, coaches are able to administer any necessary medications when you are not around.

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