Coach KevinMost parents today know very little about baseball. Unlike previous generations, they don’t have a lot to pass on to their children, and most kids today know more about Angry Birds than they do about America’s National Pastime. It’s a different world, and today’s kids have lost touch with the game of baseball. Kids don’t play outside much, and the sandlot has turned into a parking lot. Baseball’s getting lost. The Hometown All Stars book series, written for children ages 3-6, is on a mission to spread the idea of “Less Screen, More Green” and increase the interest in baseball with today’s younger generations, while building character, teamwork skills, and re-enforcing many of life’s important lessons – including the most important one – TO HAVE FUN!

I’m Coach Kevin—a dad, coach, retired 5-term president of Little League, and the author of The Hometown All Stars book series. I was responsible for increasing the number of kids in our Little League from 85 to 370 kids in 3 years. I attribute that success to a few reasons. The main one is…

It is all about the kids!  Never forget that! It is not as much about baseball as you think, but critical to the success of your youth baseball program.

I encourage parents to enroll their child in youth organized sports. Although my books are all about baseball, there are many similar and overlapping efforts and experiences you can relate to in other sports. T-ball is also for those entry-level parents looking for ways to make things better and more fun for their kids.

My booklets about T-ball will give you some general mom and dad facts and experiences to help your transition to team sports. This may be the first time your child has let go of your hand and moved into a group setting, so I’m here to help with that big milestone.

Youth Baseball Resources for Parents

Hey Parents! Welcome to T-Ball!

This booklet will get you acclimated with the sport and give you lots of useful information so you can be the best T-Ball parent out there! In this booklet, you’ll learn about:


  • Registration – Do it right!
  • Gett Involved
  • MakingT-Ball Exciting for Your Child
  • Opening Day

Resources for Coaches/Administrators

Hey Coach!

Want to bring your passion for baseball to the youngest players? This booklet will give you a lot of helpful information on how to be a great coach. Also included are simple tips and tricks from my years of experience. And DRILLS to keep your practices fun and effective. You’ll learn about:


  • Ideas to help registration
  • Welcoming your team
  • Uniforms
  • Getting help on and off the field
  • Links to other good online coaching resources
  • Real practice plans
  • Real drills explained with “How To”
  • Ideas for bringing baseball legends to life
  • Perspective on teaching kids more than the game

Resources for Fundraising

An extensive source of winning fundraising ideas for your league and individual teams, including how to decide if it is worth doing the fundraiser, how to run them, what to expect, how to involve your community, and how much can you can raise. Sourced from years of personal experience with proven results. Inside this booklet, you’ll learn about:


  • Fundraising 101: Tips and advice for getting started
  • Raffles (large and small)
  • Crowdfunding
  • Car Washes
  • Banners at your ballpark
  • Cash prizes
  • The humongous raffle