You can only discover the potential within your children by letting them take part in various activities, including sports. Indeed it is a fantastic idea to allow your young ones to explore every available opportunity in sports as a way of developing and enhancing their lifelong skills. There are numerous sports that every kid can find to engage in. There is soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, and even indoor games, such as chess or scrabble, among others. In this article, you will learn the importance of youth sports for kids and ways to keep your kids interested in sports when the season is over.

Physical Development

Children who take part in sports quite often are known to develop stronger bones and muscles. When they get stronger through sports, children become less likely to suffer from any form of physical injury. According to the Zealand study carried out in 2006, taking part in sports or physical exercise from early stages of development helps individuals to reach the peak bone mass which enables them to have stronger bones and muscles for better growth.

Weight Control

Because many parents are worried about ever-increasing cases of obesity, playing some sports from a tender age can have a significant effect on the children’s body mass index. When the child’s weight is controlled, they end up leading a more relaxed and happy life free of health-related diseases.

Improves Endurance

When participating in sports, kids can develop a tremendous improvement in their cardiovascular endurance. With an improvement in cardiovascular health, there is a drastic decrease in the risk of heart diseases. As endurance improves, many of the athletes are able to attain their full potential in their respective sports by keeping their heart in a good and healthy condition.


While taking part in various sports, children learn many skills. Through sports, they learn the importance of teamwork, responsibility, leadership, and a sense of sharing as they interact among themselves to achieve a certain objective.

Boosts Self-Esteem

As part of a team with a common objective, children can learn how to enhance their self-worth through their contribution to the welfare of their team. This is achieved by assuming different roles and leadership positions as they work to fulfill an important role in their teamwork. As a result, their morale is uplifted, thus boosting their self-esteem.

Keeping Kids Interested in Sports When the Season is Over

When the season is over do you keep your children indoors or do you take them out to the field to learn some new tricks in sports? Of course, you would prefer the second option to keep the mind of your young’s ones engaged in a more lucrative activity rather than idling around when the season is over. Therefore, you can take your kids to enroll in youth sports programs within your region to have them get interested in sports. In the case of baseball, you can let them interact with seasoned volunteer coaches to learn the rules and regulations of the game, as well as how it is played. Normally, such programs are open to all children who portray various skills in different sports. As a matter of fact, kids can seize the off-season opportunity to learn baseball and T-ball. The advantage of exposing kids at a young age to this game is that they will grasp every concept as they learn the necessary steps in baseball, which involve throwing, hitting, and, eventually, catching the ball. In fact, they will be at a better position to interact with volunteers who will lead them in training across the off-season. On top of that, they will learn skill-building and develop a passion for the sport because they know the rules and how to play it. But always remember that your children must obtain gloves to wear them while playing and also the cleats, for safety reasons.

Does Taking Part in Sports Help Kids in School?

There is a common saying: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Clearly, this is a self-explanatory statement. Kids need to engage in sports while at school for various reasons:

The psychological well-being

Any child taking part in school sports can gain many things, among them the psychological benefits. When playing games, kids became less anxious and, subsequently, they become free of depression. Playing games, as mentioned earlier, can act as a booster to the kids’ self-esteem, and this is important when it comes to overall performance in class.

Social interaction

Sports in school act as a safe haven for enabling kids to interact freely and enhance their social interaction skills. By interacting with other children, a youngster has a better platform to learn new skills from others—especially while playing sports. In the long run, the youngster will become interested in the school environment and then make a great improvement in their academic work.


Through sports in schools, children are exposed to different aspects of character-building from their teachers and their peers. They can learn some of the best values taught during training for sports and learn how to play fairly as they grow up. This kind of self-discipline acquired by youngsters in school can be a turning point when it comes to academic work.

Physical health

To stay physically fit, kids need to engage in daily physical activities. When participating in sports, children can become stronger and develop endurance, have strong bones and muscles and control their weight to stay healthy throughout. In this way, your child will feel more relaxed while having full concentration in class. Consequently, the children might show a great improvement in their school performance when they are physically healthy and strong.


Even though there are many benefits that come with sports among kids, you need to stay vigilant for any negative occurrences. Otherwise, kids’ participation in sports is an important factor to consider, because it enhances their talent, improves their skills, helps them learn new concepts, and maintains their health status. Let your kids enjoy their favorite sports by taking part in them for their own benefit.


Kevin began his career into the professional world with a position at Calvin Klein Cosmetics in 1992; he worked as a package engineer, working in new product development and maintaining all responsibilities for production of existing components of the Obsession Fragrance brand. From there, he moved to Revlon, managing the prestigious Alexandra DeMarkoff division of makeup and fragrances. His last job was collaborating with product design and marketing on new product launches for Prescriptives at the parent company of Estée Lauder.

Christofora found his calling when he began to coach little league. He has coached the Mountain Valley Little League (formerly the Woodstock Little League) since 2008. More than a pastime, Kevin loves working with the children. He prides himself on teaching them that it’s about more than a game: it’s about honor, respect, and community. As president of the league, he enjoys working with the parents and community members that all have one main interest: the kids. As he puts it, “Mountain Valley Little League is real fun, real life, and real baseball, with no substitutions.”

Written for children ages three to five, Kevin wrote The Hometown All Stars as a bedtime story to get kids interested in the national pastime again. His goal in writing these books was to get kids out of the house and onto the field – “ less screen more green.” He believes in the valuable lessons that children learn from playing the game: teamwork, discipline, strategy, and thinking before they act. In addition, he wants to bring back the joy of being outdoors and playing, that kids in recent years have lost.

An engineer by education, Kevin gave up the corporate life to move back to his hometown to carry on the family business and become the local butcher and a dad. He has found more happiness becoming a baseball coach than he ever had before. He hopes to pass the excitement of the game to other children with The Hometown All-Stars. Nick’s Very First Day of Baseball was his first book of the series, followed by Magic Bat Day, Thank Goodness It’s T-Ball Day, and his latest, Amira Can Catch!