It’s about that time. You just arrived home from work, and now you need to get the kids ready for practice or the big game. But of course the family needs to eat, and don’t forget –  you have to make a “healthy meal” with proper proportions. Not a big task at all, right?

Right! You definitely don’t need a sit down meal for dinner, but you can also skip the fast food line. And how do you do that? Simplify the meals! Let’s start here.

1. Breakfast for dinner. They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why would we only have it once? Remember that eggs have tons of protein in them. Fruits have vitamins and natural sugars that will fuel the kids for the big game. Try an eggs, some bacon, sausage or ham, and some veggies all together in a wrap. It is quick, portable (for most kids), and kids love the novelty of breakfast at night. Bonus: add a little syrup in the middle of the sandwich for some added sweetness!

2. Slow It Down. Slow cookers are the way to go for a busy family. Set it and forget it. Throw in some frozen chicken, pork, or beef along with potatoes, vegetables, beans or pasta and a sauce and you’re good to go! My family are big fans of my cheesy chicken dish – frozen chicken breasts, 2 cans of cheddar cheese soup, 2 cups of chicken broth, potatoes and mushrooms. And cooked on low for 7 hours, it is done and all I had to do was throw it all into the cooker before leaving for work.

3. Another family favorite? Taco Bake. SO easy. I simply spread biscuits (we use Pillsbury but any will do) into a glass baking dish and top with salsa, browned meat, cheese, refried beans, tomatoes, onions, etc and layer it to the top of the dish. After baking for only 20 mins, I add a little lettuce and cheese to the top (the kids love the crunch at the top) and dinner is served! Sometimes I even let the kids make this one because it is so easy!

4. Frito Chili Bake. Not the healthiest, but the easiest. Grab a can of chili, open it and heat it up on the stove or microwave. Open an individual bag of Fritos. Pour some chili in, top with shredded cheese and let the kids enjoy. Easy to take on the road with a fork to get to the game on time!


The golden rule is to keep it simple. Keep the meal easy and your night will be, too!